Frequently Asked Questions
Why to pick Sicily?

Being located in the heart of Mediterranean Sea, the island has always attracted peoples from overseas, each of them leaving part of their culture, contributing to create a unique heritage, well worthy of a fascinating journey.

What is the best season to visit Sicily?

Sicily welcomes you all year long, you may opt for Spring and Autumn to enjoy culture, archaeology and nature as well as Summer is more advisable to live the sea and minor islands.
Winter is special, due to Mediterranean climate winters are mild along the coast so you can enjoy cultural sites as well and being low season you may save money. Furthermore during Christmas holidays you have the chance to take part in great events such as living nativities or local festivals for New Year’s Eve.

Why private services?

We consider this the best way to enjoy your favourite sites; families, small parties or even individuals can decide their tailor made itineraries with the advices of our experienced staff and in case change it day by day according to their wishes and/or personal needs.

What is a Driver Guide?

A Driver Guide is a tourist operator, fully licensed for both guiding and driving, well skilled and fluent English speaking, who may occasionally collaborate with local guides speaking other languages. Able to entertain you on board and on site, is also flexible and helpful for any kind of need.

Are tours and excursion prearranged or customizable?

Our tours and excursions here are definitely mere proposals being our philosophy to let travelers pick their favourite sites, helped by our staff in their choice, and enjoy as best as they can.

Are you welcoming only English speaking travelers?

Although our main working language is English, we collaborate with local guides speaking other languages such as: Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese etc.

Where are day excursions leaving from?

One day excursions are generally leaving from Palermo area but on request and thanks to local collaborators we are able to provide the same services everywhere in Sicily.

How many people can you transport per time?

Generally speaking our main vehicle is a brand new Mercedes Vito Tourer minivan with 7 seats available but we can provide larger vehicles on request.

I need only transportation, do you to provide just chauffeur services?

Of course we can provide chauffeur services only, especially if you are travelling on budget or prefer to visit sites on your own. You may decide to have an English speaking driver if you think it is more helpful or just a regular driver.

Are you able to help us in planning our tours/excursions in the rest of Italy?

Yes, thanks to our local collaborators we can provide you the same services in the whole Italy.

I need accommodation and/or other tourist services, can you help?

Pick Sicily is a brand of Guccione Viaggi which is a 30 year experienced incoming tour operator, based in Palermo but providing services in the whole Italy. Contact them and ask about what you are looking for: hotels, transfers, air and sea transportation, tickets for events etc.